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In another language, the relation of the corresponding terms need not be as predictable, and we wish to have the ability to inform which interprets which.

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Ideally, expressions and phrases will not be identified by ID, but by description, a set of key properties, corresponding to language, label, and a few further class key to differentiate homonyms. For example, phrases should be sorted by language code. For instance codes such as the ISO customary language or country codes will be literal picklist values of datatype properties.

RDF properties may be partially ordered with respect to generality, using the second order property rdfs:subPropertyOf RDFS semantics says that properties rdfs:subClassOf and rdfs:subPropertyOf are transitive. An ontology, within the Semantic Net sense of the word, is a group of semantic descriptions of ideas in a formal language express sufficient to be processed by a machine.

Many car chairs are adorned in leather-based or synthetic material designed for consolation or reduction from the famous stress of being seated. In translation, a language-unbiased (interlingual) meaning, shared by a set of synonyms, is a restrict (common component) by way of which an equivalence class of synonyms is factored.

As long as there are ontologies and reasoning, there doesn’t have to be a fixed meta vocabulary for terms. The principle claim to fame for TF over and above OWL alone is that TF defines an specific OWL ontology of human language expressions and phrases that permits full management of the language associated to ideas.

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Customized furniture has the huge advantage of having the ability to be designed precisely in response to your measurements. The time period “Uniform Useful resource Locator” (URL) refers back to the subset of URIs that, in addition to figuring out a resource, provide a way of locating the useful resource by describing its primary access mechanism (e.g., its network “location”). The name of a language belongs to the expression namespace, and is the category instance (pun) of the corresponding class of expressions.


There isn’t any necessity for a TF ontology to contain a single time period in any respect to be nicely formed. RDF has an ordinary solution to assign properties to a triple by the use of reification: a quad(ruple) of triples names a triple and associates to the title its predicate, topic, and object.

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